Boat Shipwright

Shipbuilding has been a skill humans have been passing down since pre-history. There is archaeological evidence that indicates humans arrived on Borneo from the Asian mainland almost 120,000 years ago. This age old skill has helped generations of humans that relied on the sea and their ships to survive and flourish.


Modern Shipwrights like the team at Pacific Shipwright Marine (PSM), have to combine techniques from a range of disciplines including: physics, chemistry, math and engineering to design, fabricate and maintain modern sea vessels and their components. To carry out the work also takes a lot of craftsmanship and skill that is only learned from years of working on marine vessels.


Pacific Shipwright Marine works on all vessels from small pleasure craft all the way to commercial cargo ships. They provide high quality, innovative workmanship to your boat or yacht to perform repairs, renovations and fabrication services. PSM is a company that has been servicing private and commercial clients for many years and have an exceptional reputation in the industry. They will perform high quality and great value work to have your boat back in top condition and on the water in no time.


PSM specialise in:

  • Teak Decks & Maintenance
  • Heads & holding tanks
  • Vessel modification & repairs
  • Marlin Boards, Hardtops & Transom Doors
  • Stainless steel work
  • Timberwork & Rot Repairs
  • Fibreglass Work
  • Keel & Rudder Work
  • Bow & Stern Thrusters


Mako Marine Painting work hand in hand with Pacific Shipwright Marine whom we share facilities expertise with at the picturesque Empire Marina. If you are looking to make modifications to your vessel we recommend them for all of your shipwright needs and are able to work with them to complete any work you would like to do on your boat or yacht. Take advantage of the combined, state of the art facilities that will have your boat back on the water faster.


Contact Pacific Shipwright Marine 02 9457 7929 or 0421 279 787.


For any questions regarding our combined services or to book your boat in for a paint Contact Mako Marine Painting on 0438 504 728.